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Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Savior Searching and the U.S. Election

The 2008 Presidential election contrasts the old and the new, the young and the old, the establishment and the agents for change in the most graphic way since the contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, except that the differences today are more stark. Youthful, charismatic, and black vs. old, staid, and white. War hero (of a very unpopular war) vs. brilliant protagonist for change.

Eight years of diplomatic, military, economic, and moral failure have made change attractive indeed to millions of voters, especially the young and the previously disenfranchised. The pervasive perversion of politics into self-serving ends that has created chaos and carnage in Iraq, threatened American democracy, and destabilized the Middle East in numerous and dangerous ways have left a large portion of the American electorate open and eager for a fresh breeze to disperse stale policies and perceptions of a corrupt and narcissistic administration, to bring new life to Washington, the country, and the world.

No individual can accomplish this, not even Barack Obama, the hero of those who long for the fresh breeze. He appears fresh, brilliant, capable, and committed but he is a hero to many and with that come serious limitations. Heroes are icons, not individuals. So are villains. The more that we long for a hero to save us, to transform the United States into a new and unprecedented influence for good and for Life, the more peril we call upon ourselves, and the more danger we create for Barack Obama, or any savior, to fall off the pedestal that we create and plunge from idolization to disparagement. On national, international, and interpersonal levels saviors rise and fall; the rise is always exhilarating and the fall is always painful.

The solution for avoiding this debilitating dynamic lies not with the next President, but with you. It is you who create idols and you who disdain them when they fail to meet your expectations. We are ripe in the United States for this to happen if Barack Obama is elected the first black President and brings to the White House his youth, energy, and devotion. The process is independent of the next President, whoever is elected. It depends solely upon you. When you cease searching for saviors in your life – a wealthy advocate, perfect mate, family, job, car, or house – you will cease searching for a savior for America as well. You will instead assume responsibility for contributing all that you can to the nation and the world that you long to live in rather than waiting for some one to create them for you. You will contribute to one another rather than exploit one another, and when the challenges becomes great and the weight of your aspirations heavy, you will not blame a failed savior for your pain but instead learn from your experiences what you need to change in yourself in order to create the world that you want. You will cherish your fellow students in the Earth school and look upon all of them, including the President of the United States of America, as partners to support and be supported by.

This dynamic is not only American. It is human and the new evolutionary requirement to create authentic power – to become the authority in your life, aware of your emotions, and responsible for your choices – applies now to all individuals in all cultures, nations, races, religions, and both sexes. Every savior search is a step away from the constructive use of your own creative capacity, and denies you the opportunity to exercise it consciously and wisely. Every step into awareness and responsibility diminishes the danger of erecting a pedestal, putting a savior on it, and then bringing him or her down to avoid facing the consequences that you, yourself, have created.

Wow. I don't know what to say, yet I have so much to say. Personal responsibility. Individual action. Choosing to not join a political movement/group which directs hate at any of the others. All very important.
posted by Blogger Isle Dance: August 6, 2008 at 10:36 PM Delete: 
As I said to you in a comment on your first post political activism is my biggest passion. It is also very tough going as well though often. I can't stop point scoring with those around me, on the net and occassionely in letters to newspapers. I critcise too much although I know that a lot of the people I politically dislike in Ireland (in particular in the largest party Fianna Fáil) are good people.

I don't have any fear in the sense that a lot of people do in that the 'spirit' of fear does not come over me. I do occassionely have a couple of small fears relating to my security but they don't engulf me. As the speech says my biggest fear is that I am great... The problem is that I want to be known nationally in Ireland because I want the issues I believe in to be hot issues. Genuinely and humbly I would be content to stay "behind the scenes" but I don't see anyone else with the same broad agenda that I do and I feel a calling.

Ideally though I would like to be like you Gary. I'm sure you don't have many enemies. Even if some people in politics and the media in America disagree with you they hardly hate you for it. Some people in Ireland hate me and if I keep on point scoring I am going to keep on creating the consequences of that and if (whether it's a big "if" or not) I do become more well known I will surely be a hated divisive figure.

I suppose I want authority. I have a degree in journalism and I am a good (if not part of the crème de la crème) writer so the potential is there for me to make a bigger difference but paradoxically I can be torn between wanting more power politically (if that makes sense); being content with that; and feeling like I have a call.

I have thought and occassionely think about it a lot- I don't think that it's part of God's- my higher self's will for me to have kids. I think my higher self and God want me to be doing exactly what I am doing now which is both encouraging and depressing.
posted by Blogger Darren J Prior: August 7, 2008 at 1:38 AM Delete: 
There is truth in your words, Gary. May I bring to this earth school the daily, fundamental intentions of aligning my daily activities, interactions with my soul. The more aligned I am with my soul to my earth personality the more joy and harmony I receive in exchange. This means - no gossip, no judgment but BEING what I wish to see in others and praying for those who do not understand that with hope and prayers, one day they too will see and experience the joy that comes from something far greater than myself.
posted by Blogger fabrejm: August 7, 2008 at 7:20 AM Delete: 
Bravo! Thank you so much. My 29 year old son is in the midst of a soul crisis in which he is jumping head first into every "conspiracy theory" he can get eyes on. I have been trying to reach him but have not had the words. You have given me just the words I want to say to him. What he chooses to do with them is of course out of my hands but I do thank you for giving clarity to my thoughts.
posted by Blogger Kimber: August 7, 2008 at 7:24 AM Delete: 
Every election these days are based on change. A promise that with a new administration things will be different.

I believe you are correct that within we can change our view of externals. And I do believe that with love and trust our individual worlds will be much different.

However the nation as a whole and even the world for the matter, still remains headed down a path that I am not sure is that rosey. Unless their is a real change in the economic and political systems. I believe we could embrace the communication accomplishments and create an altruistic and self ruling (without representatives) society.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous: August 7, 2008 at 7:31 AM Delete: 
This is a very important blog entry.

When we savior search, we are looking for a tangible source to hold accountable for our experience - our emotions, our thoughts, even our behaviors.

In a greater sense, savior searching is the energetic act of giving away power. And if I'm giving away my power then how am I to be a Conscious Co-Creator? I can't create consciously if I am allowing my responsibility as a citizen of this country to rest in the hands of anyone other than myself.
As a human being alive today in this country, I am just as much a contributor to the current state of the planet as any President Bush or Barack Obama.

And as I hand my accountability off to a politician, marriage partner, or parent, I continue to push away all of the love, joy, and sharing that I am perfectly capable of creating.
Thank you for reminding me to hold myself accountable for the world that I help create.

Many Blessings,
Sara E.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous: August 7, 2008 at 9:21 PM Delete: 
Thank you Gary for assisting me in going deeper with my lack of interest in politics. I have been searching for answers of how I can feel more enthusisastic about the election and now I have found the answer. It is quite simple, continue to create authentic power!
posted by Blogger lcs: August 8, 2008 at 4:00 AM Delete: 
There are times when I am in a dark closet and can't find the light switch. Based on my previous experience ... if I continue searching for that light switch...becaue I know it is there...I know I will find it. I always do.

There are times when others help me find the switch. Their help accelerates my journey.

On more than one occassion, it has been you and your words Gary, that have helped me find the switch.

Barack is helping me find the switch, too.

I am grateful.
posted by Anonymous tom@tomzuba.com: August 8, 2008 at 6:43 AM Delete: 
I too must thank you for putting into words, so eloquently, what I have been trying to say to my children and others. I have sent it on for all to read. So true and so simple.
posted by Anonymous Kathy: August 8, 2008 at 7:44 AM Delete: 
Gary, your message is very timely and important. I can only speak for myself, and I find that it's easy to fall into the savior-search trap, especially after experiencing the foibles of the current administration. I feel my expectation bar has been raised to lofty levels for the presidency, regardless of who the next president is, which isn't fair to that person. It's another opportunity for me to examine my own intentions and put forth the energy that would be most supportive to that person, the country and the world. Thanks for your wisdom.
posted by Anonymous JAM: August 10, 2008 at 9:10 PM Delete: 
Hi Gary, I really enjoyed your post. I agree - true change lies within. I also believe there are people that inspire change and believe Obama is that kind of person. I try to empower others to look within to begin to change and I hope that people instead of idolizing Obama will recognize what he accomplished and will see that as inspiration to initialize change within. Anything is indeed possible but you do have to want it and know it can happen. Sitting around waiting for the President or anyone else to solve your lives problems is never wise thing to do.Thank you Gary.
posted by Blogger Jenny Mannion: August 11, 2008 at 9:54 AM Delete: 
Isn't it interesting that savior and villian both come packaged together with judgment. But, love and acceptance allows us to see each other and the world as one, to feel connected to all. All of us possess unique creativity and passion to move the world forward on it's evolutionary adventure. Seeing with eyes of judgment, seeing saviors and villains will always block the moments of grace, the moments of new shared understanding. Thank you for reminding me of my personal responsibility to step forward in grace and honesty, to love one another.
posted by Blogger Dorcas: August 11, 2008 at 9:29 PM Delete: 
"Every savior search is a step away from the constructive use of your own creative capacity, and denies you the opportunity to exercise it consciously and wisely. Every step into awareness and responsibility diminishes the danger of erecting a pedestal, putting a savior on it, and then bringing him or her down to avoid facing the consequences that you, yourself, have created."


When I began reading your books, Gary, I was tempted to look up to you in the same way that many may be tempted to look up to Barack Obama for guidance, leadership and wisdom.

But I soon realised that placing any image on a pedestal...whether it be a spiritual or political one...was a form of escape from what was actually going on in my life.

When I realised that you and I, along with all of our friends here on the Earth, are actually much more like each other, than we are different to each other - a sense of belonging and of community naturally arose within.

Now I realise that the creation of pedestals, and the cutting down of "tall poppies" are really manifestations of the same dynamic...a dynamic of avoidance.

When we project outside of ourselves the image of a saviour, or of a fallen idol, and focus all of our attention on this projection - we are avoiding feeling what we are feeling inside.

This avoidance keeps us from experiencing the sense of connection, of commonality that exists between all of us.

By feeling our pain, and by reaching beyond it to the power of our Soul...we reach beyond the pain of the world to a Spirit of connectedness and oneness with all.

From this place of Peace within ourselves, we learn the true nature of our lives...

We are all beings of Love.

Our real work here is to create harmony and to contribute joy.

The creation of idols, heroes and saviours only serves to distract us from our life's true work.

When we begin to live in accordance with the values of our Soul - our search for heroes ceases...and we make a startling discovery...

The salvation we have been looking for is not to be found in a politician or a spiritual guide.

It is to be found inside each and every one of us.

Our challenge now is to Look and See!
posted by Blogger ...being here, doing this...: August 12, 2008 at 9:37 PM Delete: 
I am not part of the American electorate, however as a member of humanity I feel it necessary to comment.

What Gary is describing is so apparent given the choice of rhetoric being used between the two candidates - the disparaging differences can be clearly defined.

One's, stodgy and (in my opinion) overly simplified views boil down to, "Don't worry folks, I've got it all figured out...", hinging mainly on the blind support of those who surround him.

While the other's, a clearly defined message (and passionately presented) vision of hope and change that will be achieved - so long as we, as individuals, yet not seperate from others, choose responsibly and focus on our own will while being mindful of the best interest of the whole.

This view results in the fundamental shift of awareness that is required to generate the source of authentic power to pursue and establish the new and lasting foundations of love and equality we are striving for with renewed passion.

As I see it - what we believe, we think about - what we think about, we talk about - what we talk about, we create - what we create, is our responsibility.

Also, as an aside - what strikes me as serious in nature and yet is insanely macabre is the vastly debated and aptly dubbed "Energy Crisis".

It is exactly that - a lack of directed and intentional energy to create the necessary yet seriously overlooked need for our evolution as a species to become truly sentient beings.

I find it absolutely marvelous how the collective unconscious strives to bring our attention to such matters of significance with such blatant tongue-in-cheek hilarity.

Be kind. Fast-forward.
posted by Anonymous Kira Liv: August 14, 2008 at 5:57 AM Delete: 
In response to Kira Liv I stand and applaude.
posted by Blogger Kimber: August 14, 2008 at 10:55 AM Delete: 
I agree wholeheartedly, Gary. I do believe it is our job in the Earth School to teach others by example, to be nonjudgmental, loving, and kind, that we are all equals. I have found that to live without fear, to be nonjudgmental, to not seek the approval of others is sometimes seen as a sort of arrogance. I struggle with how to handle this, not feeling that I want to be defensive or apologetic.

I appreciate your having the gumption to denounce the political process, as unpopular as that may seem, without apologizing. You speak the truth, I know that in my heart.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous: August 14, 2008 at 6:54 PM Delete: 
Ironic how everyone not seeking a "savior" find one in Gary
posted by Anonymous Anonymous: August 17, 2008 at 6:47 PM Delete: 
Always have loved your writing Gary and your gift with words.

Thank you for the reminder of personal responsibility and saviour searching in this election process. I see the word "Hope" on posters and realize "hope" is about me and what I choose to create and contribute authentically.

Many blessings......Kathy Ahearn
posted by Anonymous Kathy Ahearn: September 5, 2008 at 6:15 PM Delete: 
sgd ~ NEWS!! Election News!! Continue everybody creating your own authentic power!! YES!!
posted by Anonymous Anonymous: October 10, 2008 at 11:42 AM Delete: 

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